Steel Construction Systems

Çelik Ev Yapı Sistemi

Production Stage

"Your 'Dream House' is not dream anymore"

Once a dream house or one of the Arty Steel model houses is decided, production is carried out at the Arty Steel plant in accordance with the static calculations of the project.

Assembly personnel make the walls ready in our factory to save time and are shipped to the assembly site with all necessary materials for assembly.

On the sub- basement concrete (according to customer's request); It is delivered completely finished from the outside (insulated on the exterior, shingled on the roof, pvc windows, heat glasses and steel door are installed), insulations are also made inside the house, all installations are installed, plaster panels are applied to the walls. Our customer makes the interior decoration of the house according to his own taste.

Manufacturing Stage

In our factory; after the architectural projects of the desired models are completed, the project is solved with special CAD programs and meticulously detailed up to the screw locations. The production of all building elements under computer control protects it from workmanship and production errors that can seriously affect the structure.

The steel carrier system prepared in our production facility with meticulous quality control is also one of the solutions that theoretical calculation values ​​are also valid in practice.

The use of rivets, bolts, nuts and smart screws in the panel joints of special profiles in wall, floor and roof panels produced as galvanized mild steel in the steel structure system does not spoil the chemical properties of the material and does not have the risk of rusting even in the most humid areas.

Safety and durability of structures produced with light steel, protection conditions against situations such as fire and storm are provided economically, comfortably and aesthetically.

In our factory, all the walls are transported with pre-production, thus eliminating the problems arising from workmanship errors.

The assembly is completed in a short time and without errors as the worker only performs screwing work on the construction site.